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Heat, Just Where You Need It

In my post at the beginning of January about warming up your home for winter, I mentioned space heaters as a way to heat a localized area of your home.  There are several different types of space heaters and they each work best for different circumstances.  I am not going to review specific heater brands [...]

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The Homeowner’s Guide to a Home Check-Up

It is always good to a do both a fall and spring home check-up to perform routine maintenance and fix any problems early to save them from getting out of hand.

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When Mold Strikes, What to Do!

A Brief Guide of What to Do When Mold and Moisture Strike Your Home. Mold is a scary word to many but when you are properly informed about how to prevent and deal with mold when it arises you will be prepared should you ever face a situation like I recently did.  What started out [...]

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Its Time for Your Annual Spring Check Up

In the fall I wrote a blog about all the checkups you should perform on your house in the fall.  Now I would like to share with you all the preparation and checks you need to make this spring for the coming summer months.  If you read the blog in the fall, some of these [...]

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